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Head Lamp Conversion Kits


Upgrade your old (and dim by today's standards) sealed beam headlamps to Halogen replaceable bulbs with this kit. As easy to install as your regular sealed beam headlamp. 

  • Uses H-4 or 9003 halogen bulbs (included). SAE approved.
  • Euro Clear Lens Real Glass Lens Multi Surface Reflector provide a more uniform, controlled, precisely focused beams resulting in brighter and even illumination on the road They also have a great look to your vehicle when installed
  • Metal reflector Plug and Play - Installs like the factory headlight.
  • Updates vehicle's OE sealed beam headlights to popular, brighter HID-style lighting (2 to 4 times brighter than sealed beams).
  • Replaces OEM or aftermarket sealed beams or halogen lamps
  • 5-3/4 inches round. Fit high beams and low beams headlamp mounting sockets.

$69.90 pair

New!!! Ceramic High Temperature Headlamp Sockets

Specifically designed to withstand high temperatures
It can be use on any standard H4 bulb housing for extension or replacement purpose.
You can also connect this socket connector to any 12V power source to create a new light outlet.
These ceramic connectors are higher quality than the usual plastic connectors that overheat and melt from oversized bulbs
and loose connections.
Easy installation with pre-spliced, heavy gauge wiring!
Added protection with high wattage bulbs! These bulbs can handle high temperatures hotter than 482°F!
Also can be used to replace damaged OEM headlamp sockets.

$33.90 a pair