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Heal Toe Driving Technique

Check out the foot cam on this clip (click link below).
(Porche 996 On Board Camera, FUJI Speed Way).

Notice what we call "heal toe" technique. Its when he is coming down a fast section and heavy on the brakes to slow and set up for a sharp turn.

At the same time as his right foot is on the brakes, notice how he catches and depresses the gas peddle very quickly with the side of his foot simultaneously with every down shift throw of the transmission he makes. We call that "blipping the gas pedal."

What this does is match the rpm of the motor to the lower gear you will be in. If you do it right it makes the car slow faster and smother cause
you are utilizing also the clutch to slow you down.

This technique is a must to learn on pure race cars like Formula type cars that have non-sincrowmess transmissions (due to weight savings) and are less forgiving for improper down shift. If you screw up they not go in gear and you have to wait for the motor rpm to go down before it will going in gear again. 

Some of you may know if you down shift without blipping the gas pedal or at an unmatched rpm the car will jerk as soon as you drop a gear and let the clutch out (using to much clutch to slow down). In some cases you may hear the drive tire lock up and screech for a second. At high speed if this happens as the car is starting to turn in you will positively spin out!

The heal toe technique is not an easy skill to learn. It takes timing and practice. I am always trying to perfect and hone this skill when ever I drive stick. Anybody who ever driven with me knows.

Some cars are easier than other due to foot pedal configuration and/or)
Transmission gear ratios and even your shoe size.

I highly suggest if you want to try to learn or experiment with this technique you do not try this on the street. Find a parking lot of some place without traffic. Sometimes when learning this your foot can slip off the brake peddle and the result can be scary if you are doing this in the wrong place to say the least.

Drive on!

By Rick Dormoi

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