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The Blue Meanie

1976 Toyota Celica ST Coupe

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Check out this sneak peek of my new 20R Race Motor and set up!

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50mm carbs and a cool can. Cool!

See pictures of my
car racing on the track

Racing video #1

Racing video #2

More Stuff To Come!!!

Just a little history:

This was my first car!  I purchased it in 1978 when it was two years old and I was a driving teen (now if feel old). The car was originally silver.

This car now (in the pictures) was complete tear down restoration that took me about 2-3 years (and a marriage) for me to do. For the most part all on my own.
I did the tear down to bear metal, metal fabrication / repair, body work and paint. Then when on to build a 200 plus HP 20R motor.
The restoration was completed in 1990.

This car was featured in the August 1994 issue of SPORTS COMPACT CAR MAGAZINE in color on page 76 (how fitting).
Also featured in SUPER STREET magazine November 1998

This car is raced and driven on the street (only on nice days of course). The car still looks good today due to being kept in a garage of course.
This car is always a work in progress in finding more power, handling and a cool accessory or two.

Current news

I am currently working on the car over the winter.  I will be putting in my new head lamp conversion with colored accent rings in
for a tricked out aggressive look.  New bigger monster 50 mm side draft carburetors on a new .80 over bore 20R block with 10.7 compression pistons and a few more tricks I will list soon. The 50 mm monster carbs should be interesting alone to say the least, to see how much more power they will make over my old 44 mm Mikuni carbs.

The car will be ready again come the warmer weather of spring 2008.   So look out Honda guys............................again!

Look for more updates and pictures soon!!!


Paint: Two tone Paint: Original black vinyl roof "86" GM Trans Am blue (top), with purple candy color (faded on bottom).
Paint and body work by Toyhead Auto.

Motor: 20-R (single over head cam) 4 cyl. with many internal machined modifications
Bore : 3.642 (.60 over ) Stroke : 3.5 inch 145.84 c.i. (2390 c.c.)


Carburetors: Twin 44mm Mikuni PHH side draft carbs  Now running Huge 50 mm Side Draft Carburetors!

3/8th inch aluminum fuel line back to front.
The OEM gas tank I made vented with a safty check valve (in case of turn over) to prevent vacume lock.
I run no return lines.


Toyhead Auto Ported Head. Bench flowed.

  Toyhead Cam No. 801-325R 275 duration @ .050 .475 lift.

Rocker arms: Toyhead Light alloy (3.oz.) each.
with custom phosphor bronze low drag spacers, rocker shaft springs have been eliminated

Connecting Rods:  Light weight "H" Beam with ARP high strength hardware.

Pistons: Forged 10.5 to 1 (domed) piston diameter. 92.5 mm (3.641 in.) .60 over

Valves:Toyhead Auto intake an exhaust valves 1 mm over sized high flow design
Toyhead Auto double spring kit with light weight titanium spring seats


Distributor:  Toyhead Large cap type performance distributor with mechanical advance. 
Large Promaster ignition coil. 

Multiple Spark Discharge ignition box with adjustable cockpit ignition timing dial. 

Wires: Ultra 8 mm spark plug wires.


Custom made triple core radiator

Custom mount Electric cooling fan (eliminating factory belt driven fan).


Toyhead Header 4 into 1
with 2-1/2 inch short pipe and supper trap muffler (side exit).

Drive train :

Transmission from82-85 Celica Supra/ 5 speed gear box  (W-58).

Clutch: Center Force (dual friction)

Flywheel:  Light weight 12 lbs. (Ductile steel)  

Rear final drive ration  (6.7 ring an pinion) 4.30 : 1
Toyhead Auto Limited Slip Differential.



Custom 4 link ( trussed ) with Toyhead Adjustable Pan Hard Rod (helps center the rear for correct handling on lowered cars),
All Toyhead Auto Polyurethane Bushings.
Toyhead Auto Rear Lowering Suspension Coil Springs.
Rear shocks : T.R.D. 8 way adjustable, oil filled (old school from back in the day, not available any more).
Toyhead Rear Adjustable (4 position) Sway Bar Kit

Caster/camber adjusting strut mount plates with spherical bearing.
McPherson strut adjustable coil over spring set up.
T.R.D. strut cartridge insert low pressure gas (old school from back in the day, not available any more).
Toyhead Front Adjustable (4 position) Sway Bar Kit.
McPherson strut Toyhead Roll Center Kit.  (Helps to correct steering geometry when lowering vehicle).
All Toyhead Auto Polyurethane Bushings.

Wheels :

Rims: 82-85 Celica/ Supra  7 inch wide
Street tires:  205-60-14  

Racing tires:  Hoosier Auto-X  225-50-14,  22.9 Diameter 7.5 width run with 1/4 inch spacers to void front strut rub.

Four point roll bar.
RPM shift light
Window safety net for racing.
5 point racing harness
13 lb. racing seat