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Toyota 2000GT Engine Parts
1967 to 1970
2.0 L 3M I6, 2.3 L 2M I6 Engines

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2000GT Polyurethane Suspension Bushings.

Toyota 2000 GT Bushings

Reinforced lower arm bush (Front set) $314.00 usd

By using these urethane bushings with exact hardness rate, each support part of the lower arm and is strengthened. Stabilizes the alignment.


Toyota 2000GT polyurethane suspension bushings

Reinforced lower arm bush (Rear set) $627.00 usd

2000GT High Performance Piston Kit

Toyota 2000GT Piston Kit

$1775.40 usd

High-strength forged and lightweight.
76mm bore (1mm over size), Includes Piston Ring, Wrist Pin and Snap Ring.


Piston Ring Kit (OEM type replacement) $319.00 usd

BORE  2.990




Toyota 2000GT High Performance Engine Bearings

Toyota 2000GT Engine Bearings

Over Sized .25
Over Sized .50
Main Bearings
$188.00 usd
$151.00 usd $151.00 usd
Connecting Rod Bearings
$97.00 usd
$76.00 usd
$76.00  usd
Trust Bearings
$22.40 usd
$24.50 usd
$24.50 usd


Toyota 2000GT Jack Shaft (a.k.a. balance shaft) Bearings

Price $48.60 set

Toyota 2000GT High Performance Multi-Layer Steel Head Gasket

Toyota 2000GT Head Gasket

1.2mm  $376.00 usd
1.5mm $397.00 usd
2.0mm $429.00 usd

Toyota 2000GT High Performance Lifters

Toyota 2000GT Lifters

Price $627.00 usd

Toyota 2000GT Tappet / Shims

$10.75 each usd

Available 1.5mm to 7mm

NEW!!! Toyota 2000GT Timing Chains 3M Engine

Designed to be strong, run smooth and to have a long service life.

Small Chain Price $84.00 usd

Large Chain Price $
209.00 usd

Toyota 2000GT High Performance Ignition System

Price $397.00 usd
Available for single-point and dual point distributors.

Replace the original breaker points with this modern state of the art electronic ignition system.
Infrared rays, fully transistorized.

Toyota 2000GT
Spark Plug Wires

Toyota 2000GT Spark Plug Wires Toyota 2000GT Spark Plug Wires

High Performance Spark Plug Wires $262.00 usd
8mm low resistance (available in red or gray).

Spark Plug Wires OEM Type Replacement $65.00 usd
(not pictured)

2000GT Distributor Cap and Rotor Set

Toyota 2000GT Distributor Cap and Rotor

Price $47.00

High Performance Ignition Coil
24,000 volts

Price $85.00 usd

Available in black, or chrome color as in the above picture.


2000GT Water Pump 3M Engine

Water Pump 2000GT 3M engine

Price  $424.00 usd


Radiator Hose Upper $
33.96 usd

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