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Weber carburetors are not smog legal in California.
Check your state's emissions laws.
Certain antique and classic cars are exempt in some states through tag programs

Racing and Economy Carburetors (Aftermarket) With Related Accessories

Carburetors (sold are individually)

About Weber DCOE Side Draft Carburetors:

The DCOE Side draft carburetors are legends in motor sports history. With countless outstanding auto motive applications over the years from standard factory OEM issue carburetors found on cars like Ferrari and other exotics, to full out champion race cars from all automotive manufactures from many decades in all types of racing.

Weber DCOE 40mm and 45mm

Weber 45mm DCOE (9S Design) Single Side Draft Carburetor  $591.00 each
This is the original legendary classic racing design made in Italy. This is often the preferred carburetor for racing.


Weber 40 mm DCOE (151 Design)          
Weber 55mm DCO Carburetor (152E Design)

The Weber 152E was the later design. Has improved idle circuitry as can be seen by the different top cover. Possibly better suited for the street for that reason over the original 9S design. Other than that there is not much, if any difference performance wise over the original 9S design and the152E
Weber 40mm DCOE (151 Design) Single Side Draft Carburetor  $570.00 each.

Weber 45mm DCOE (152 Design) Single Side Draft Carburetor  $570.00 each.

NEW!!! Weber 50mm DCO (152E Design) Single Side Draft Carburetor lever on right. $622.44 each.

NEW!!! Weber 50mm DCO (152E Design) Single Side Draft Carburetor lever on left. $622.44 each.

Weber 55mm DCO Carburetor (152E Design) $622.44 USD each.
Left side linkage lever.


  Econo DCOE Side Draft Carburetors (As per picture. Air horns sold separate)

Econo DCOE Side Draft Carburetors are Chines DCOE Weber carburetor clones.
They look like and operate the same as Weber DCOE carburetors, the only difference is the cheaper price.
They even take the same jets and parts as the Weber carburetors. 

Econo DCOE 40mm Side Draft Carburetor (Comes with 1.5 inch slip in air horns) $351.00
Econo DCOE 45mm Side Draft Carburetor (Comes with 1.5 inch slip in air horns) $392.45


NEW!!! OER Carburetors (Made in Japan)

OER Carburetors                         
Click to enlarge images. Carburetors do come with air horns as pictured.

Please Note: Two types of carburetors are available as advertised.

One type to take OER jets.

The other type is designed to take Weber carburetor type jets.

OER Carb 45 mm (for OER jets) $397.00 each

OER Carb 45 mm  (for Weber jets)
$419.00 each

OER Carb 47 mm (for OER jets)
$427.00 each

OER Carb 47 mm (for Weber jets) $469.00 each

Ships direct from Japan. Please inquire by email to:

Also contact us for all your OER carburetor part needs.


Rebuild Kit for Weber or Holly 32/36, DGV, DGEV and DGAV

Minor Rebuild Kit $34.39

Major Rebuild Kit $57.68

Weber Air Horns

Side draft air horns
Air Horn 1 inch for 40 DCOE  $28.22 each.
Air Horn 1.5 inch for 40 DCOE $42.63 each.
Air Horn 1 inch for 45 DCOE  $28.22 each.
Air Horn 2 1/8 inch for 45 DCOE $22.27 each.
Air Horn 2.5 inch for 45 DCOE $33.90
Air Horn 4 inch for 45 DCOE $23.00 each.

Carburetor Throttle Cable $125.00
60 inches of outer braided stainless steel housing and 72 inches of inner cable with both of them being U-Cut-To-Fit

Weber DCOE Linkage Kit Universal Crossbar $140.00
For dual carburetor set ups.


Weber DCOE Linkage Kit $80.50
For single side draft carburetor set ups

Air Horn Screen Filters $65.00 a pair.

Weber Mikuni Air filters Air horn filters

Filter fits on air horn bell using patented lip lock technology with radiased entry for great signal and air flow. 
Three layer stainless steel filtering down to .009 with virtually no air flow restrictions.
Available in 2 inch, 2-1/4 inch, 2-1/2 inch and 3 inch diameter. $65.00 a pair.


Air Filter Assembly for DCOE Side Draft Carburetors

Weber 45 DCOE Air Filter Billet Style

4-3/8 x 7-3/16 x 2-1/2" $105.00 each

4-3/8 x 7-3/16 x 3-1/4" $110.00 each


Chromed Cover Weber 45 DCOE Air Filter $76.00 each
W 4-1/2" L 7" H 3-1/2"


Weber 40 DCOE Air Filter $50.00 each 

W 4-1/2" L 7" H 1-3/4"


Weber 40 DCOE Air Filter $53.95 each
 4-1/2" L 7" H 2-1/4"

Weber Jets:

Fuel Main Jets  $5.55 each
Air Main Jet  $5.55 each
Idle Jets  $7.35 each
Pump jets  $19.75 each

Please inquire for the jet sizes you need for your carburetor application by email.


We have Weber carburetor parts and rebuild kits. All jets, linkage parts, other breather filter assemblies, gauges and more!  We have them, just ask.

For some tuning tips and insight to after market carburetors, check out this article we wrote.


Be sure to check emission laws in your state if you plan to use these carburetors on the street.

NEW!!! Performance Fuel Pump

High Performance Fuel Pump - External Mount $130.00 USD
Low pressure, Perfect for side draft carburetors.

These fuel pumps are made from first-class materials in order to strengthen the durability and extend the usage life.
All procedures are executed strictly according ISO/TS1649 and QS900 standard which is highest quality class for OEM in auto industry. Every pump is 100% tested before shipment.


Fuel pressure output 3-5 lb.

Current 0.8-1.5A

Flow Rate Up to150Ltr/Hrs

Inlet / outlet 8mm (removable)

Voltage 12V

Cable length approx. 19cm

Dimension approx. 14cm (L) x 5.5cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Special Order. Price $240.00

Our new Ultra Low-Pressure Regulator features a completely unique valve, designed to support high flow at a very low pressure.

Intended for multiple smaller carburetors, such as the classic Weber, Mikuni, Dellorto, and the Solex.

Adjustable from 2-5 PSI
Ideal for small carburetors
(1) ORB-06 inlet port and (2) ORB-06 outlet ports
1/8″ NPT gauge port

Clear anodized finish for a subtle look

NEW!!! Fuel Pressure Gauge

Price $68.00 USD

0-15 PSI range.

This will screw right into the above fuel pressure regulator. To accurately set your fuel pressure.

This is silicone liquid filled, to prevent vibration of the indicator needle.

1-1/2 inch round. The color is silver.

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