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Tips on Rebuilding Toyota Celica 6.7 inch
Rear Differentials 1971 to 1985 With Solid Rear Axles
And Toyota Corolla 1983-85 AE86.

This our experience from rebuilding and setting up Toyota 6.7 rears differentials.

If the ring gear and pinon gears are good and to be reused. I measure the gear lash (play between the gears) before taking it apart with a dial Indicator.  And make sure I set it up with the same gear lash when I re-assemble it. The gear lash is adjusted by the round outer threaded collars with the holes in them (Looks like a banjo guitar) that hold the carrier (ring gear) bearings in place.

Upon reassembly, once the ring gear mounting bolts Are torque to specs (66.5 to 76 ft.-lb.).  You should have new ring gear locking plates under them, to be peened (bent) over the bolt heads to keep them from coming loose.

If the ring gear is new you have to set it up and check it using marking compound to make sure the pinion gear is hitting In the center (middle) face
of the ring gear teeth. If the pinion gear does not hit correct it may have to be adjusted with a shim (washer) thinner or thicker under the pinion gear base (neck). Or possibly with the correct adjustment from the main carrier bearing adjusting collar/rings. Whatever it takes to have the gears mesh together correctly.

For the pinon gear. There is a crush washer (collapsible sleeve/ spacer) used on the pinion gear shaft, that helps set the bearing pre-load.
Once assembled. The pinion nut must be torqued initially (to 80 ft.-lb.) to start the set up of and adjustment of the bearing pre-load proceedure. The bearing pre-load should be to about 9 to 13 lb. with new bearings, and 5 to 8 lb. for used bearings. Pre-load is measured by wrapping a string (attached to a fish weighing type scale) around the pinion flange and pulling it to spin as you note the pound reading on the scale. If less you have to torque it a little more and check it. Warning: If you have too much pre-load you have to take it part and use a new crush washer and start over again.

Maximum tightening torque for the pinion nut is 173 ft.-lb. Do not go over this.

Once the pinion bearing preload has been set. The pinion nut must be peened (bent) over to prevent it from coming loose

Other rear differential torque wrench specifications.

Bearing cap set bolts 50.6 to 65 ft.-lb.
Differential carrier to casting nuts (10 nuts) 27 ft.-lb.
Drain plug 30 pounds filler plug 23 ft.-lb.
Break backing plates/retainer plate bolts 36 ft.-lb.

By Rick Dormoi

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