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Supra 1986 to 1992
 Genuine Toyota parts and After Market Accessories.

All parts are new genuine Toyota parts unless noted as "After market" (Non- Genuine Toyota part)

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Tail lights Supra 1989 to 1992 $185.38
Tail light center section
1989 to 1992 (garnish) $406.43

Fender front (after-market) $169.07
Hood 86 to 92
(after-market) $311.70
Door Actuator/ Lock Solenoid, Right side, Supra 1/86 to 6/88 $252.49
Door Actuator/ Lock Solenoid, Left side,  Supra 1/86 to 6/88 $226.73

Engine Compartment, Suspension, Drive train, etc.:

Front Lower Control Arm assembly (come with ball joints and bushings) Supra MA70 1/86 to 8/88 $207.76

Engine Rebuild Kit (OEM) for Supra Turbo 7MGTE Motor,
 includes, Pistons, Ring set, Main bearings, Rod bearings, Thrust washers and Full gasket set. $1180.08

Front Upper Control Arm
(These are aluminum and come with ball
joints and bushings)
$367.64 each. Click here for a cost saving bushing kit for these control arms.
Lower control arm bushing O.E.M.(2 needed) Supra 1/86 to 8/88  $32.37 each.
Click here for a cost saving better bushing kit .

Upper Front Control Arm Bolt  $14.79 each.
Lower Front
Control Arm Bolt  $21.15 each.
Lower Rear Control Arm Bolt  $21.15 each.

Rear strut bar (arm) bushing (2 needed) Supra 1/86 to 8/88 $29.62 each.

Upper rear control arm bushing (4 needed) Supra 1/86 to 8/88 $28.78 each.

Radiator, manual transmission and automatic Supra 1994 to 1998 without Turbo $263.00
Radiator, manual transmission without Turbo 3.0 / V6 1994 to 1997 $ 222.50
Radiator, automatic transmission turbo 3.0 / V6 1994 to 1997 $ 261.77
Radiator, manual transmission Turbo 3.0 /V6, 1994 to 1997 $ 263.97
Radiator, 3.0 / V6, 1992 to 1993 $207.90
Radiator, 3.0 / V6, Turbo (2.8/L6/1986) 1987 to 1991 $200.17
Radiator, 3.0 / V6, with out Turbo, 1986 to 1992 $184.22.

New!! Speed Bleeder Brake Caliper and Wheel Cylinder Special Bleed Screws to make bleeding your brakes a permanent one man job! 
You have to see these!!!  For More Info Click Here. $32.97 Pair.

For other radiator applications please inquire

New!!! New!!! New!!! Upgraded Aftermarket High Performance Polyurethane Chassis bushings. Save money, cheaper than buying original type bushings!!! Better than the originals and last forever. For your daily driver or racer. Upgrade those old worn out, dry rotted rubber bushings to better the ride, handling and safety of you vehicle. Click here for pricing or to inquire.

NEW!!! Micro Fiche Film sets for all Toyota Cars and Trucks now available to order!!!   Showing all part and numbers for your Toyota vehicle.  Click here for more information.

Click here for Performance parts

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