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W58 Transmission Into A 1976-77 Celica
by Rick Dormoi

The W58 five speed transmission if from Toyota Celica and Supra 1982 to 1985. The main advantage of the W58 trans over the original is it is stronger and lighter. Has a little bit better close ratio gearing.
Here is what I had to do to put one in my car. The trans bolts right up no problem to the 20R and 22R engines.  The only main modification I had to do was to fabricate (sheet metal and weld) the under-body of the car because the W58 cross member mounts about an inch and a half back further than the original 76-77 Celica manual trans. I used 4 long bolts about 3-4 inches long with large washers on the heads (so they don't pull through the floor when tightened) through the floor from inside the car for the trans cross member. You can use your original drive-shaft no problem. You can use the original metal crossmember but you have to used the rubber mount for the W58.
You can use the original clutch slave cylincer but I used the clutch fork push rod (swaped) for the W58 trans. Click to enlarge pictures below.

First I made a template from thin cardboard after taking many measurements

This is what it looks like when it is folded and in position.
I laid it flat again on some sheet metal traced it and then cut one out of sheet metal with a hand held manual
cutter and folded the metal (in a vice) just like the cardboard. Then welded (mig) the folded tabs along the bottom to make a little sort
I made two. One for each side.

Then I mark the position to where the bolt holes will be and drill the 2 holes
in the sheet metal. The then tac welded two tubes centered over the holes.
(Keep in mind this above picture is for example only because the job was already done.)
The tubes are for the bolts to go through and they are there to prevent all the sheet metal work from
collapsing and crushing when you tighten everything up to mount the trans.

In this picture I am holding up the template in the position of how it was welded next to the under-body location of where this new braket is already made.
(Again, the job is already done it this picture, the front of the car is the left side of the picture.)

Another picture of the job done.
it is hard to see my welds because I undercoated everything after the job was done.
The 4 studs you see are actually the long bolts I put in hanging down from the inside of the car.
If you look close on the far side you can barely see one of the original holes for the original trans on the left.
The front of the car is the left side of the picture.

Here is a picture of the boltheads and large washers I used.
I am pulling up the mat on the drivers side floor pan for the picture.
The top of the picture is the front of the car.

Hope this all helps. Thanks,  Rick Dormoi

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