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Intake Manifold Kit

(#1018)  3K*, 4K, 4K-C, 4K-E, 4K-U,  5K, & 5K-J Engines

4K intake manifold kit

Please Note: The intake manifold kit, does not come with the rubber hose, hose clamps and the triangle metal plate (The plate is discontinued) as in the above picture.Those parts are sold separately

*For 3K engine, depending on the type, it may or may not fit.
It will fit, if it is same 3K engine type which uses the same shape intake manifold gasket, as the image above.

Price $390.47 USD


Fuel Hose 1.5 meter (4.11 feet) length, Inner diameter 8mm (5/16th inch) $18.50 each

Hose Claps (stainless steel) $3.35 each

4K Chrome Mechanical Fuel Pump Block Off Plate

Price $45.16 USD

NEW!!! Performance Fuel Pump

High Performance Fuel Pump - External Mount $130.00 USD
Low pressure, Perfect for side draft carburetors.

These fuel pumps are made from first-class materials in order to strengthen the durability and extend the usage life.
All procedures are executed strictly according ISO/TS1649 and QS900 standard which is highest quality class for OEM in auto industry. Every pump is 100% tested before shipment.


Fuel pressure output 3-5 lb.

Current 0.8-1.5A

Flow Rate Up to150Ltr/Hrs

Inlet / outlet 8mm (removable)

Voltage 12V

Cable length approx. 19cm

Dimension approx. 14cm (L) x 5.5cm (W) x 8cm (H)

NEW!!! Fuel Pressure Regulator

Special Order. Price $240.00 USD

Our new Ultra Low-Pressure Regulator features a completely unique valve, designed to support high flow at a very low pressure.

Intended for multiple smaller carburetors, such as the classic Weber, Mikuni, Dellorto, and the Solex.

Adjustable from 2-5 PSI
Ideal for small carburetors
(1) ORB-06 inlet port and (2) ORB-06 outlet ports
1/8″ NPT gauge port

Clear anodized finish for a subtle look

NEW!!! Fuel Pressure Gauge

Price $68.00 USD

0-15 PSI range.

This will screw right into the above fuel pressure regulator. To accurately set your fuel pressure.

This is silicone liquid filled, to prevent vibration of the indicator needle.

1-1/2 inch round. The color is silver.

Weber DCOE Side Draft Carburetors

The DCOE Side draft carburetors are legends in motor sports history. With countless out standing auto motive applications over the years from standard factory issue carburetors found on cars like Ferrari and other exotics, to full out champion race cars from many decades in all types of racing.

Weber DCOE 40mm and 45mm

Weber 40 mm DCOE single side draft carburetor $443.50 USD each.
Weber 45 mm DCOE single side draft carburetor $443.50 USD each.

Click Here For Other Carburetor Options And Accessories.

4K High Performance Air Filter / Breather Assembly $120.15 usd

4K Performance Camshaft Grind Service $360.00 Plus return shipping cost

This service is provided by sending your good camshaft core to our state of the art regrind manufacturer in Japan.

For more information, and price quotes. Please contact us by email at:

4K performance cam

These special cam profiles increases the mid range power that's missing in most cams, while keeping up with the peak power of higher duration camshaft designs.
As with all our products, this too is made with the highest of precision, while also taking into account other factors such as idle stability, valve-train noise, and fuel consumption, to create the ultimate in camshaft technology.

4K Camshaft Available Profiles

68 Degree - 6.8mm Lift
70 Degree - 6.8mm Lift
72 Degree - 6.8mm Lift
74 Degree - 7.5 mm Lift
76 Degree - 7.7mm Lift
78 Degree - 7.3 / 7.8mm Lift
80 Degree - 7.3 / 7.4mm Lift
82 Degree - 7.3mm Lift

4K Standard Size Quality Replacement Valves

Intake and Exhaust Valve, Full Set of 8 $134.78 USD

4K Valve Guides

Full set of 8 $59.26 USD

Valve Retainer / Keeper

Full Set of 16 pieces $52.98 USD

3K, 4K and 5K Dual Valve Springs

18RG Racing Springs

High Performance 4K Valve Spring Set. Recommended for stock engines, and engines upgraded with high performance camshafts.

Price $151.00 USD

OEM Replacement Valve Springs

Set of 8 $92.38 usd

3K, 4K and 5K Light Weight Titanium Valve Retainers

 18RG Titanium Spring Retainers

Light weight Titanium Retainer Set. 6.8 grams compared to 18.5 grams for the stock retainers.

Our top priority was to develop an ultra light weight retainer that is indispensable for high rpm turn.
The surface is magnesium coated to suppress abrasion.
Supports a double spring.
These are suitable for a race vehicle competing for time
These are superior to even chrome molybdenum in wear resistance.

Price $213.00 USD

3K, 4K and 5K Valve Spring Seat
For dual springs.

Valve Spring Seat $
89.57 USD Set.

3K, 4K and 5K Valve Spring Flat Washers

Valve Spring Flat Washer Set
, Available thickness 0.5 and 1mm thickness  Price $7.50 USDeach.

4K Heavy Duty High Performance Racing Timing Chain

4K heavy duty high performance timingchain

This reinforced timing chain has been permeated uniformly with a light coat of manganese phosphoric acid. This process makes the chain 4 times as resistant to wear! The chain also keeps the motor at peak performance by itís resistant to stretching from prolong use, which can lead to mistimed valves. This chain has stops heat seizing between the links by remaining flexible and reducing friction, to have a smooth flowing movement.

Racing 3K and 4K Single Roller Chain, Price
$95.35 USD

Racing 4K Severe Duty Double Row Chain, Price $121.85 USD


3K and 4K Single Roller Chain, (None Racing) Price $35.00 USD

4K Double Row Chain (None Racing) Price $45.00 USD

4K Timing Chain Guide
Price $35.00 usd

4K Timing Chain Tensioner
For Double Row Chain. Price $58.50 USD

4K  Double Row Chain, Crankshaft Sprocket, and Camshaft Sprocket Kit.

$126.00 USD

4K Heavy Duty Water Pump

Price $106.00 USD

3K, 4K and 5K High Performance Thermostat

Born from racing technology!
71 Degrees Celsius Low Temp Stainless Thermostat

What is the optimum temperature to get the most power from the engine? 
Different parts of the engine are at various coolant temperatures. For example, the temp gauge is reading at 80 degrees Celsius but at the back of the motor, it is between 85 and 90 degrees Celsius, which means it is detonating.  The perfect temperature for optimum performance is the temperature right before detonation, measured at the cylinder.  However, in order to achieve this temperature, it is absolutely necessary to have good cooling efficiency and a low temperature thermostat. The thermostat opens the valve at 71 degrees Celsius and allows the coolant to flow earlier to prevent overheating and bring out the maximum performance from the motor.

Price $68.02 USD

4K, 5K High performance Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Head Gaskets

4K High performance metal headgasket

Thickness    Bore           Price

0.8mm         76mm     $190.70
1.0mm         76mm     $190.70
1.2mm         76mm     $243.70
1.5mm         76mm     $209.35
2.0mm         76mm     $204.73
2.5mm         76mm     $274.45
3.0mm         76mm     $296.65 USD

0.8mm         80.5mm     $190.70

1.0mm         80.5mm     $190.70
1.2mm         80.5mm     $243.70
1.5mm         80.5mm     $209.35
2.0mm         80.5mm     $204.73
2.5mm         80.5mm     $274.45
3.0mm         80.5mm     $296.65 USD

Please Note: These head gaskets are designed with a slightly oval bore design for added valve clearance which is always a concern with the 4K and 5K engines.

4K OEM Type Head Gasket $37.52 USD

4K Engine Gasket Kit 

Toyota 4K Engine overhaul Gasket kit

Price $93.00 USD

Includes an OEM type replacement head gasket and all gaskets in the above picture.

4K Cylinder Head Bolts

Toyta 4K engine Cylinder head bolts

$166.40 USD. Set of 10, comes with washers.

Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit
Steel stud with high strength brass nut $6.65 each.

4K Engine Gaskets and Seals Sold Separate

Valve Stem Seals $22.46 USD

Crankshaft Front Seal $12.50 USD

Crankshaft Rear Main Seal $14.45 USD

Pipe Flange Gasket / O-Ring Seal $9.04 USD

EGR Valve Gasket $11.99 USD

Oxygen (O2) Sensor Gasket $9.05 USD

4K Forged High Compression Piston Kit

4K High Compresion Piston Kit

Bore 79mm
Pin Diameter x Length  18 X 50 mm light-weight type
Pin Height 36.0 mm
Piston Ring Thickness 1.0 x 1.0 x 2.0 mm
Valve Relief Depth  IN 3.0 mm 3.0 mm EX

Price $690.00 USD

4K F780 WPC High Performance Bearings

Ultra race spec High Performance F780 Metal Bearings with WPC Treatment for friction reduction.
Highly recommended for high performance and racing engines. "WPC" Molybdenum bearings have a
low coefficient of friction, reduce the rotational torque, which also enables the bearing to last longer and hold up to higher pressures.

What is WPC?
WPC is a proven process that has been utilized for many years in the racing and automotive industry.
WPC is not a coating, it is a treatment that enhances the surface to reduce friction and strengthen engine parts.
WPC achieves this process by firing ultra fine particles towards the surface of a product at very high speeds.
The resulting thermal discharge permanently changes the surface, strengthening structure and creating a harder more durable final product.
The WPC process is unrivaled in treating engine parts and other surfaces that have contact points of friction. WPC is superior because it is not a coating; it is a permanent surface treatment that reduces friction while strengthening the part. It's unique micro-dimple formation pattern greatly reduces friction and is unmatched by any current conventional methods of surface treatment.

Engine Bearing
STD Size

Under size 0.25 ~ 1.0

4K Main
$157.80 USD
$178.40 USD
4K Con-Rod
$103.80 USD
$115.75 USD
4K Thrust
(Non-WPC, but can be special ordered at an additional cost)
$24.00 USD
$30.00 USD

4K Engine Oil Pump $119.96 USD

4K OIL Filter  Price $15.00 USD

Toyota 2TG, 4K, 18RG Oil filter

Oil Filter Block Adapters
For gauges, sensors, oil coolers

4 Port $99.50 USD

4 Port AN Fitting $132.00 USD

2 port $91.00 USD

4K Clutch / Flywheel

NEW!!! 4K Racing Reinforced Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel Set


We designed and produced a light weight flywheel (3.2 kg.) that can use the heavy duty clutch cover for a Nissan Sunny A type (Japanese domestic). Instead of the original design 4K clutch cover. The lightweight metallic disc has excellent heat and abrasion resistance. The clutch movement travel is very small, making quicker shifts possible.

Set Price $765.00 USD


Chrome Molly Lightweight Flywheel (3.2 kg.)  $350.00 USD

A Type Reinforced NISMO Clutch Cover (450k clamping force) $200.00 USD

Metallic Clutch Disc  $285.00 usd

4K Light Weight Flywheel

4K light weight flywheel

The best way to get the most response from your 4K motor is through a lightweight flywheel.
The flywheel is made from the ultra durable and high strength SCM material in a slim lightweight design.

StreetWeight (3.9kg) Price $320.00 USD

Race,  Weight (3.2kg) Price $350.00 USD

4K OEM Type Quality Replacement Clutch Kit.

Toyota 4K cluch kit

4K Quality Replacement Clutch Kit. Price $125.00 USD

4K High Strength Flywheel Bolts

Price $79.45 USD

  3K, 4K and 5K  High Performance Spark Plug Wires

Kameari Quality High Performance Spark Plug Wires, 8 mm Thickness Red color

These wires can handle up to 150,000 V

Price $170.67 USD

Granatelli High Performance Spark Plug Wires, 8 mm Thickness $55.00
Blue Color Wire

Boot Material: Silicone
California Air Resource Board Approved: Yes
California Certified: Yes
Conductor Material: Spiral core
Insulator Material: EPDM
Plug Wires Core Material: Stainless Steel

NEW!!! Toyota 4K Distributor Assembly

Electronic type $200.00 USD

Contact points type $125.00 USD

Upgraded High Performance Ignition Kit With Coil (MSD) $410.00 USD
This ignition kit will eliminate the OEM igniter, and upgrade your ignition to a more modern state-of-the-art standard.

NEW!!! Upgraded High Performance Multi-Spark Discharge Ignition With Engine Saving Rev Limiter And Ignition Coil Kit  $485.00
This ignition kit will eliminate the OEM igniter, and upgrade your ignition to a more modern state-of-the-art standard.

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