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Front Windshield Weatherstrip (Seals front windshield, Aftermarket reproduction) rubber. $112.20

NEW!!! Windshield Insert Trim, Chrome,  Aftermarket (cut to fit) Plastic chrome insert trim, universal kit. Enough to do one rear or one front windshield. $49.00
The originals are long discontinued This is a popular aftermarket alternative. With this trim, you eliminate the "L" shaped corner pieces, because ours sits a little higher than the original. Cut to length and butt fit in the corners. If needed. We recommend using a little black or clear silicon adhesive in a tube (available at any parts or hardware store) upon installation to ensure it stays in place at speed.

NEW!!! Windshield Insert Trim, in Black Rubber. Same trim as above, but for an all black look! $47.79

Front Windshield Glass $

Coming Soon!!! Door Seals
Coming Soon!!! Belt Molding, Outer

Coming Soon!!! Belt Molding, Inner

Front Turn Signal Lens
,  Starlet KP61, 8/82 to 12/83 -
$19.97 each.

Front Side Marker
Assembly, Starlet 81-82 (mounts side of fender) $36.67 each.

Rear Hatch Gas Shock Support (keeps the hatch lifted in place) $36.00 each.

Door Lock Set, two locks for both doors and two keys $72.37

Brake Peddle Rubber $9.30
Clutch Peddle Rubber $9.30

Dash Light Bulb, standard replacement. $4.60 each
NEW!!! Dash Light Bulb, upgraded brighter Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Sold by the pair. $23.82 pair.

Speedometer Cable (connect from the speedometer to the transmission) $39.76

Door Glass Crank (in black) to roll door glass up and down) $24.30

NEW!!! Steering Wheel Adapter/Boss Kit $52.00
This kit allows the use of many aftermarket steering wheels.

Steering Gear Box

NEW!!! Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing, (Aftermarket) Center part of the drive shaft that bolts to the under body of the
car. Makes a grinding or horrible noise when they go bad. $145.06

Front Lower Control Arm Assembly,  Includes Ball Joint and Bushings $70.74 each

Front Upper Strut Mount, includes bearing and hardware $45.58 each.

Upper Rear Coil Spring Rubber Insulator Starlet 8/80 to 12/83 for the rear spring. Goes between the top of the coil spring and the body of the car.  $28.65 each.

Coil Springs, Performance Lowering and Standard Height (OEM type) Springs, custom made imported, 
(Special order). Click here for more information.

Windshield Wiper Motor $128.91

Ignition Control Module (ICM) $243.38

Toyhead Auto Professional Carburetor Rebuild Services

Rebuild Service For All Toyota Starlet Carburetors $230.00
Price includes return shipping in the U.S.A.

Send in your old
carburetor to be professionally rebuilt to look and run like new.
Comes with a 90 day warranty. 

For Carburetor
Rebuild Services Above Please Contact Us At :


NEW!!! Toyota 4K Engine Carburetor (new aftermarket, special order) $279.00

Fuel Pump Electric
(Aftermarket, Can be used to replace mechanical fuel pumps as well)  $48.99

Thermostat  $14.11

Electric Radiator Fan Kit.  Free Up Horse Power!!! 
This electric fan kit come with a high efficiency fan design, fan motor and all the hardware to install.
Get about 3-6 extra HP by eliminating the original, heavy belt driven clutch fan just by installing this kit.
Can be wired up to operate manually or automatically with the additional kits listed below. Price $120.78

Thermostatic Radiator Fan Switch for above radiator fan kit. Automatically turns on fan when engine temperature reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit. $56.20
Thermostatic Radiator Fan Switch Adjustable.  Same as above but can be adjusted to switch on from 160 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit $92.90

NEW!!! Engine Coolant Overflow Reservoir Kit (aftermarket) $51.40


Igniter Box, Multiple Spark Discharge Ignition System. $239.00
  SMOG Legal in 50 States.
This unit replaces and eliminates the igniter assembly unit that is located on top of the ignition coil and give a better more powerful spark at any rpm and better gas millage too!  Whether you have a powerful street machine, daily stock driver or trick Street Rod, the multiple sparks of this ignition unit will ensure complete combustion.  Bolt one on and look for quicker ETs, easier starting, reduced plug fouling, quicker revving, more power and increased fuel economy. This unit can be triggered by breaker points, magnetic pickup, or the output of an electronic amplifier.
Please note: To get the full benefit of this unit I highly recommend using the blaster ignition coil listed below to replace your old stock coil.

Ignition Coil Upgrade Blaster Coil. $57.54
15,000 more volts than stock.
Blaster coils put out 45,000 volts, which are 15,000 more than stock.
They also have an oil filled metal canister and will fit stock mounting brackets.

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