Celica and Supra 1978 to 1981
 Genuine Toyota parts and Aftermarket Accessories.

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Exterior / Body



Transmission / Clutch

 Air / Fuel




Suspension / Steering

Brake / Hub

Drive Train

Click Here For Engine, Suspension, Steering, Chassis / Frame
Carburetor and Fuel Component Performance Upgrades And Racing Parts


Quarter Glass Weatherstrip
Celica lift back and Celica - Supra 1978 to 1981, (Aftermarket reproduction) Sold by the pair $316.40

Trunk Seal Celica Coupe
1978 to 1981 (Aftermarket reproduction) $122.00

Hatch Seal Celica Lift back 1978 to 1981 (Aftermarket reproduction) $150.00

1978 1981 Celica Front Windshield Weatherstrip. Please Note: The front windshield does not take a weatherstrip (only the rear does). It gets glued in with liquid urethane, much like many of today's modern cars. We highly recommend a auto class technician to remove and install the windshield.


NEW!!! Complete Carpet Rug Set.  1 Piece (Molded), aftermarket for Celica Coupe and Liftback 1978 to 1981. $412.00
High Quality molded 1 piece replacement carpet. This carpet covers the front and rear passenger compartment floor. Heat and pressure molded to an original floor pan. Has a heel pad on drivers side left. Die cut 40 oz Jute attached to the back. Also comes with the Cargo Area Carpet for Celica Lift Back. Fit Guaranteed!

NEW!!! Complete 4 piece Floor Mat Set, Cut pile, for Celica 1978-1981. ) Available in black or saddle tan brown color.  $148.32

Speedometer Drive Cable 1978-81 Celica $52.28

Dash Pad Restore Kit (Dash Cap) Celica 78-81 for more info on Dash Cap Kits click here.

Dash Light Bulb, standard replacement. $4.60 each
New!!! Dash Light Bulb, upgraded brighter Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Sold by the pair. $14.00 pair.

Interior Door Handle Bezels ( hard plastic goes around inside door handle, usually crack),
$19.94 in Black Color 
$29.94 in Tan, Blue or White Color.

Brake and Clutch Foot Pedal Rubber Cover, fits many Toyotas with manual transmissions from 1970 on.  $13.00 each

Blower Motor / Fan (for A/C and heating) Celica RA4# 1978-79  $91.32

Lift back interior hatch area lamp lens 78-81 Celica (clear)  $16.60

Seats for Street and Racing. Click Here.

Exterior / Body

Door Locks
(comes with two keys and gaskets) $61.58

Front Side Marker  Celica and Supra, 8/77 to 81 Complete bulb assembly with lens (long yellow).  $42.84 each.
Front Side Marker,  Lens only,  Celica and Supra, 8/77 to 81.  $16.00 each.

Antenna Replacement kit pillar mount  $29.76 Click Here for more info

Classic Side View Mirror Sport Set.   These mirrors have the Classic sporty styling that your classic Toyota demands!   Similar design to factory-original sport mirrors at a fraction of the price. They come in black and chrome and look great !!! Click for pictures and pricing.


Click Here For Performance Upgrades And Racing Parts
Click Here For Toyota 20R, 21R, 22R Engine Parts.

Click Here For Toyota 18RG Engine Parts.

Click Here For Toyota 18R, 18RC, 18RE, 18RU Engine Parts.

Click Here For Toyota 2TG Engine Parts.


NEW!!! High Power Alternator 80 amp (Ships from Japan) comes with internal voltage regulator.  $345.00
NEW!!! High Power Alternator 90 amp (Ships from Japan) comes with internal voltage regulator.  $485.00

NEW!!! Alternator IC Harness Adapter Bypass Ships from Japan (for cars with external voltage regulators). $60.75
Required for use with the above 80 amp and 90 amp Alternators.
This harness adapter eliminates and bypasses the vehicle's original voltage regulator.
Two types available. Please specify. Type 1: For cars with a amp meter dash gauge. Type 2: For cars with a charge light dash gauge.

Alternator Bolt (for mounting alternator) $12.50

Battery Hold Down (Secure) Kit $39.00

NEW!!! Heavy Duty High Power Engine Starter (1.4 kw) $225.00
100% New modern redesign. More compact, light weight (3 lb. 2 oz. lighter)
and more powerful over the original OEM design.

Engine Starter Motor (1.0 kw) $118.05

Transmission / Clutch

NEW!!! Transmission Mount High Performance, $135.00 Polyurethane reinforced, for more solid gear shifts. Reduces wheel hop and puts more power to the ground. The last trans mount you will buy, this one will not degrade like OEM rubber. 
Please Note:
 using this mount may transfer a certain amount of vibrational noise into the car's cab. But not enough to be unacceptable.

Transmission Mount, Rubber and metal part that bolts between the transmission (tail) and the transmission cross member. $35.46

NEW!!! Transmission Short Throw Shifter Kit Assembly for manual transmissions. $84.42

Clutch Master Cylinder, Celica 79 to 81 $52.64

Clutch Slave Cylinder, Celica 78 to 81 $33.47

NEW!!! Clutch Hydraulic Hose Line. Higher performing, long lasting braided stainless steel construction. $67.65 Complete Clutch kit, for Celica with 8R and 18RC engines. Comes with everything. Clutch, pressure plate, through out bearing,
alignment tool, pilot bearing and even grease!! $147.68

Complete Clutch kit, for Celica with 20R and 18RG
engines. Comes with everything. Clutch, pressure plate, through out bearing,
alignment tool, pilot bearing and even grease!!  $110.00

Drive Train

Our Very Popular!
Limited Slip Rear Differential for Celica 1979-81, This heavy duty LSD is perfect for street, a must for racing and drifting.
Allows both rear wheels to drive and put all the power to the ground unlike the stock OEM differential which only drives one rear wheel. You will notice better acceleration and traction especially coming out of a turn.

Standard LSD 1.5 way $888.25
Standard LSD 2 way $888.25

LSD 1.5 way, SuperQ Option $973.25
LSD 2 way, SuperQ Option $973.25

High Performance 6.7" Ring and Pinion Gear Sets.
For Celicas 1978 to 1981 The variety of gear you want to really make your car leap forward from a stand still and gives the car better response when accelerating out of turns. Gear for better top end speed, good for street, quarter mile drag, autocross and circle track.  Price *$

*Available Ring and Pinion Ratios are:


Click Here For Tips on Rebuilding Toyota Celica 6.7 inch Rear Differentials

Parts below are all needed to rebuild the rear differential.

Rear Differential Carrier (a.k.a. third member) Gasket $15.92

Rear Differential Ring Gear Bolt Locks / Plates $18.65 Set of 4

Rear Differential Pinion Nut $13.58

Rear Differential Crush Washer/Spacer/Collar (used to set pre-load on pinon gear) $28.58

Rear Differential Pinion Seal (Seal behind flange where the drive shaft mounts) $19.24

Rear Differential Carrier Bearings and Race/Cup $114.00 set of 2

Rear Differential Pinion Bearings and Race/Cup Set of 2 inner and outer $79.18

Rear Axle Seals $15.81 pair


Axle Shaft Bearing Rear (out side bearing near tire) Standard replacement $37.27 each
Axle Shaft Bearing Rear  Premium Racing Grade (out side bearing near tire) $48.00 each
Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing, (Aftermarket) Center part of the drive shaft that bolts to the under body of the
car. Makes a grinding or horrible noise when they go bad. $75.00

Air / Fuel

Carburetor Rebuild Kit for ALL 22R Engine OEM ASIAN brand carburetors.
Comes with all gaskets, rubbers, O-ring seals, power and accelerator pump diaphragms and plungers. Clips, spring and pin
hardware.  Comes with instructions for adjustments and more. $63.35

Carburetor Rebuild Kit for ALL 20R, & 21R Engine OEM ASIAN brand carburetors.
Comes with all gaskets, rubbers, O-ring seals, power and accelerator pump diaphragms and plungers. Clips, spring and pin
hardware.  Comes with instructions for adjustments and more. $63.35

Carburetor Rebuild Kit for ALL 18R, 18-RC Engine OEM ASIAN brand carburetors.
Comes with all gaskets, rubbers, O-ring seals, power and accelerator pump diaphragms and plungers. Clips, spring and pin
hardware.  Comes with instructions for adjustments and more. $63.35

Electric Fuel Pump Kit
Aftermarket (mounts inside gas tank like original, similar design) $89.57

Electric Fuel Pump
Aftermarket. Mounts externally, comes with instructions (fuel pressure 4.5 psi out put)
A low cost alternative to replacing the original fuel pump $56.42


Engine Coolant Overflow Reservoir Kit
(aftermarket) $26.51

Water Pump for 20R engine (come with gasket and new studs) $34.95

Electric Fan Kit.  Free Up Horse Power!!! 
This electric fan kit come with a high efficiency fan design, fan motor and all the
hardware to install. Get about 3-6 extra HP by eliminating the original, heavy belt driven clutch fan just by installing this kit.
Can be wired up to operate manually or automatically with the additional kits listed below. Price $144.38

Thermostatic Fan Switch for above fan kit. Automatically turns on fan when engine temperature reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit. $72.48

Thermostatic Fan Switch Adjustable. Same as above but can be adjusted to switch on from 140 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit $93.67


Exhaust Manifold (Remanufactured) for 8R and 18R-C motors. Exclusively refurbished for Toyhead Auto Restoration Services. These manifold are guaranteed to fit nicely with no problems. All good tread inserts and studs. The mounting surface to the head has been precision milled for a flush fit. $377.00

Exhaust Manifold Hardware and Gasket
Kit for above 8R and 18RC Exhaust and Intake Manifold installation. Comes with nuts, bolts and gaskets $73.47


Distributor Electronic Conversion Kit  for all Toyota 4 cylinder Single Point type motors 1971-1977
NEVER CHANGE POINTS AGAIN! Saves gas and extends the life of your spark plugs.  Come with a magnetic pick up you screw inside the distributor.  This kit eliminates the unreliable points that ware and constantly change the ignition timing.  With this kit you just set it and forget it!!!!   Its is easier to install than as a set of points but you only do it once!  Entire ignition system fits beneath distributor cap to maintain original look. No alteration to distributor required.  $145.00

NEW!!! Upgraded High Performance Ignition Kit With Coil (MSD) $410.00
This ignition kit will eliminate the OEM igniter, and upgrade your ignition to a more modern state-of-the-art standard.

Starter (rebuilt) 20R, 22R, 4ME, 5ME motors Celica and Supra $70.00*
* A $20.00 core charge must be added to the price and is refundable in exchange for your old starter.

Ignition Coil Upgrade Blaster Coil. $53.91
15,000 more volts than stock.
Blaster coils put out 45,000 volts, which are 15,000 more than stock.
They also have an oil filled metal canister and will fit stock mounting brackets.



Suspension / Steering

See Our High Performance Polyurethane Replacement Bushings!! 
Click Here.

Full Shocks and Strut Package Deal!  All 4 shocks and strut inserts $195.85 set.
OEM quality replacement.

New Lower Price! Front Strut Cartridge Inserts,  $98.45 pair 
OEM type quality replacement

New Lower Price! Rear Shock Absorbers Street, $59.10 for pair of 2.
OEM type quality replacement.

Performance Street / Race Front Strut Cartridge Inserts $275.00 pair
Much better performing upgrade for better control, handling and safety over originals. 

Performance Rear Shock Absorbers Street / Race $197.00 pair
Gas charged, Stiffer performance for high speed.

Coil Springs, Performance Lowering and Standard Height (OEM type) Springs, custom made and imported,
Click here for more information.

The Cure For The Leaky Steering Box !!!
Steering Box / Pitman Arm / Sector Shaft Seal. (This is the seal shaft seal where the pitman arm connects) $18.38
Steering Box Worm Shaft Seal (this is the shaft seal where the steering column connects) $18.50

Strut Mount Support Bearing (Located at the top of the strut assembly, a metal bearing surrounded by rubber. Has three studs for three nuts and
bolts to the body of the car). Aftermarket Japan Made. $58.99 each.

Dust cap (plastic) for strut mount support bearing $4.00

New And Improved!!!
Complete Front End Steering Kit, Celica 1978-81 $295.00
Comes With 2 Quality Lower Ball Joints, 2 Outer Tie Rod Ends, 2
Inner Tie Rods With Grease fittings, 2 Polyurethane Lower Control Arm Bushings, 2 Polyurethane Strut Rod Bushings, 2 Polyurethane Improved Design Stabilizer End Link Assemblies, 2 Polyurethane Sway Bar To Chassis Bushings.

Front Control Arm, Complete Assembly. 78-81 Celica / Supra $154.74 each.

Front Control Arms Rebuild Kit. Includes 2 quality heavy duty ball joints with serviceable grease fittings
and upgraded polyurethane control arm bushings with steel center tubes to do both front control arms. $124.17

Ball Joint, for front lower control arm Celica 78 to 81 $15.00 each.
Front Control Arm Bolt Assembly,  New hardware for the Front control arms. Includes one bolt, nut and lock washer. $8.16 each

Steering Tie Rod Inner, $25.55

Tie Rod Outer $31.20

NEW!!! Rear Coil Spring Base (bottom) Rubber Insulator, Goes between the bottom of the coil spring and the bottom base mount plate on the rear axle (for noise dampening). $41.16 each.

NEW!!! Upper Coil Spring Rubber Insulator for the rear spring. Goes between the top of the coil spring and the body of the car. $23.88 each.

Brake / Hub

Brake Light Switch ( Switch mounted above the brake peddle that controls the rear brake lights) $30.86

Brake Master Cylinder 1978-1979 Celica $118.60

Brake Master Cylinder 1979-1981 Celica $118.60

Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit
Celica 1978-79 $59.04

Power Brake Booster 1978-1978 Celica ST $184.25
Disc Brake Rotors 1978-1981 Celica (& Supra)  $72.65 pair

Wheel Bearing / Front Hub Kit. These are the two bearing that mount inside the front rotors. One kit does one side of the car. Contains inner and outer bearings. $37.91
Inner Front Wheel Seals $15.81 pair

NEW Lower Price!!!
*High Performance Drilled and Slotted Front Rotors, 1978-81 Celica, Great for street or race. Big improvement in braking. $160.59 pair

*High Performance Drilled and Slotted Front Rotors, 1978-81 Celica-Supra, Great for street or race. Big improvement in braking. $185.95 pair

*High Performance Drilled and Slotted Rear Rotors, 1978-81 Celica-Supra, Great for street or race. Big improvement in braking. $173.50 pair

*All performance rotors are available in a rustproof silver, or black coating.

Disc Brake Rotors, Front Supra MA46, MA47, 1979-1981 $56.00 pair

Disc Brake Rotors,
Rear Supra MA46, MA47, 1979-1981 $58.80 pair

Rear Brake Drums, Rear
Celica 1978-1981 $58.50 pair

Parking Brake Cable Front (short wire), Celica 1978 to 1981 $27.28
Parking Brake Cable Right Rear, Celica 1978 to 1981 $50.83
Parking Brake Cable Left Rear, Celica 1978 to 1981 $50.83

High Performance Front and Rear Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit. $189.66

Brake Proportioning Valve (Aftermarket) Adjustable, up to a 60% pressure reduction. $75.52

Front Brake Line Hydraulic Hose Kit, (O.E.M. type) 4 piece, upper and lower hoses to do both sides of the front. $40.00

Rear Brake Line Hydraulic Hose, (O.E.M. type) $23.66


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